RAW: City Council Candidate Tells Mayor to “Stop Lying”

Waltham Newswatch, August 7, 2013
School committee member Robert Cincotta accuses Mayor Jeannette McCarthy of lying (at 0:14) and storms out of Tuesday’s school committee meeting (at 0:45).

Cincotta went off after the mayor accused him of having a double standard about speaking with parents—namely, that it would be OK for Cincotta to do so but wrong for the mayor.

The exchange happened during a heated discussion about a mysterious upcoming meeting with Fitzgerald Elementary School parents. Cincotta and other committee members were upset that the mayor was talking to parents without school committee involvement. McCarthy said she planned to meet with parents in her capacity as mayor about unspecified issues raised in social media—issues that had made some parents feel “disenfranchised.”

Cincotta is a candidate for councilor-at-large in the fall election.


Summer Concerts on the Common – Alexander Faria y Orquesta

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The 2013 Series of Free Tuesday Evening Concerts
July 30th – Alexander Faria y Orquesta

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After Guilty Verdicts, Mayor Cuts Lacroix Off But Not Out

Waltham Newswatch, June 25, 2013
Thursday in Concord District Court, a jury of six found Waltham police chief Thomas Lacroix guilty of one misdemeanor assault charge and guilty of the misdemeanor portion of another assault charge. He was found not guilty of five other charges.

Mayor McCarthy responded quickly, saying she was cutting the chief’s pay, but keeping him on administrative leave.

In total Lacroix faced seven charges in a domestic violence case from last June involving his wife Andrea and Shannon Policano, a friend of hers. The chief will be sentenced on July 10.