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About WCAC

Waltham Community Access Corporation (WCAC-TV) was incorporated as an independent nonprofit corporation on December 13, 1985. WCAC-TV was designed to server the entire Waltham community and is conveniently located at 400 Main Street in Waltham. WCAC-TV is funded by a percentage of the gross revenues from Comcast and RCN cable. Grants, sponsorships and contributions from local businesses subsidize our income. All revenue is used to provide the community with cutting-edge equipment housed in a comfortable, accessible facility.

WCAC-TV’s primary responsibility is to assist in the development of educational, cultural, and informational programming for the city of Waltham. WCAC-TV is also responsible for reflecting the interests of Waltham residents by receiving and airing diverse programming. WCAC-TV offers informative training courses and opens the facility and air-time to residents, businesses, city departments, and organizations.

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Justin Barrett
Felix Giardina
Vice President
Jeanne Umbrello
Steve Fogg
Lou Nocera Dennis Deveney Guy Sergi Louise Butler

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