Parking Garage Nightmare UPDATE

Waltham Newswatch, October 4, 2013
In late August, we ran a story about the deplorable condition of the Central Square Parking Deck in downtown Waltham. We learned this week that the city has addressed a number of issues raised in our coverage, although there are others that remain unresolved.

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Shorten City Meetings? Maybe Not.

Waltham Newswatch, October 10, 2013
Under pressure from bloggers and one progressive city councilor, Waltham’s elected officials are trying to shorten their meetings, which can be painful to watch. But do they have the ability to reign themselves in? Dana Matson reports.

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REACH Neighborhoods Fall Festival

Waltham Newswatch, October 15, 2013
REACH Beyond Domestic Violence and the Friends of the Waltham Public Library held their annual fall festival on the front lawn of the Library in early October.

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Domestic Violence Forum Monday

Waltham Newswatch, October 18, 2013
REACH Beyond Domestic Violence is hosting a forum with four panelists on Monday. Anyone can send a question in advance to or ask a question at the forum.

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No New Affordable Housing?

Waltham Newswatch, October 26, 2013
Thousands of Waltham families need affordable housing–and very little of it is being created. The new head of the Waltham Alliance to Create Housing or WATCH talks about the issue.

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RAW: City Council Candidate Tells Mayor to “Stop Lying”

Waltham Newswatch, August 7, 2013
School committee member Robert Cincotta accuses Mayor Jeannette McCarthy of lying (at 0:14) and storms out of Tuesday’s school committee meeting (at 0:45).

Cincotta went off after the mayor accused him of having a double standard about speaking with parents—namely, that it would be OK for Cincotta to do so but wrong for the mayor.

The exchange happened during a heated discussion about a mysterious upcoming meeting with Fitzgerald Elementary School parents. Cincotta and other committee members were upset that the mayor was talking to parents without school committee involvement. McCarthy said she planned to meet with parents in her capacity as mayor about unspecified issues raised in social media—issues that had made some parents feel “disenfranchised.”

Cincotta is a candidate for councilor-at-large in the fall election.