The Camera Set Up

Camera Tips and Tricks:

Sequence for Camera Set Up

“Think from the ground up”


  • Set up tripod.
  • Remove camera from case and make sure metal plate is secured to the bottom of the camera before placing it on the tripod.
  • Mount camera and center it on the tripod holder. Tighten PAN and TILT locks to secure camera to the tripod.
  • Place battery into camera
  • Make sure the camera lens cover is open.
  • Insert tape, do not force into carriage, close carriage where you see “push”.
  • Open side view finder, and make sure setting for auto is on “lock on” position.
  • Check that the recording setting is on camera and NOT on ‘memory’.
  • Before shooting video, make sure camera is level and headphones are working by preforming a ‘sound check’.
  • White Balance your camera.
  • Check your cameras focus by zooming into your subjects eyes and spinning the focus ring until the eyes are fully detailed (if shooting an inanimate object, zoom in on a detailed portion and get focus)
  • Loosen your cameras PAN and TILT locks if you are going to be moving the camera head.
  • Push red RECORD button to record video. Start a few seconds before your program to ensure the camera is working properly.
  • Do not zoom in and out too often. Zoom slowly and use two fingers to control the button.


Click here if you are looking for the cameras user manual


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