NeXuS: New England Car Shows


NeXuS:New England Episode 9 Part 1 World of Wheels 2013

This is Episode 9 and part one of this two part episode. Part two will be up soon! NeXuS was at the World of Wheels 2013 this year in Boston. Had an amazing time and a lot of great cars and people we talked to! So much that it has to come in two parts. Batmobiles, Pit Girls, custom cars and bikes galore, legends and icons. With a little fun thrown in! Sit back and enjoy and remember there will be another full episode in a few weeks!


NeXuS:New England Episode 8 Pontiac Night at Bass Pro with the Mass Cruisers

It was Pontiac Night at Bass Pro for the Thursday night cruise last season. I was heading down there in my Pontiac and Tony who is the president of Yankee POC jumped out in front of me! After almost running him over he told it was Pontiac night! So being an owner I was welcomed in to join with the other arrowheads. There was a threat of severe rain that Thursday but a great representation of classic and modern Ponchos were out there. We got to talk to many of the members and non members who Tony also lined up with us. Some rare, not so often seen and just outright cool cars! Sit back relax and enjoy some Pontiac heritage from Bass Pro last year. Thank you again to the guys in the club had a great time and made some new friends


NeXuS:New England Episode 6 Herb Chambers Cars n’ Coffee Flagship Motorcars 2012

NeXuS:New England was at Herb Chambers Cars n’ Coffee last season. This one was at Flagship Motorcars! Some amazing cars were at this gathering and some great stories to go along with them! We met some new people and ran into many CnC regulars! Always a good time, these Cars n’ Coffee’s you never know what will roll in!  Special thanks to The bands: My New Disaster, The Deal and Zombie Radio for the great music that went into this episode! You guys rocked!


NeXuS:New England Episode 5 Angry Hams Rock n’ Rides 2012

NeXuS:New England was at Angry Hams Garage for our own event! Rock n’ Rides with the Pit Girls and Crypt Studios. Scott talked to a young girl who saved a pony from the junkyard and later on sat down with the Tim the owner of Angry Hams Garage. Dave talked to Neil from Vintage Motorsports about two of the cars they brought to the event and also Bob from the Modifiers Car Club about his ride(s) he brought down and also the history of the car club! Throughout the day’s photo shoots we catch up with the beautiful Pit Girls making one of last seasons hottest days that much hotter! Want to thank everyone that came out that day!


NeXuS:New England Episode 4 Bass Pro Kickoff 2012

Bass Pro with the Mass Cruisers is where NeXuS:New England spent many Thursday nights this past 2012 season. Heading down to the largest cruise on the east coast you had no clue what would show up there on those cruise nights! This is only a taste of the nights we had down there. The great people and the good times! We will revisit Bass pro in future episodes but this was the start of the 2012 season! Again thanks to all that we had a chance to meet and the Mass Cruisers! Big thanks! We will see you again this year!  Music during Episode 4 was part of the cruise night festivities and provided by the DJ there, we do not own the rights to said music played at the cruise night.


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